Map markers

80+ unique Google Maps markers in 10 colors organised into a complete and diverse collection for points of interest, properties, buildings, etc.


marker bar-01
marker bar-02
marker bar-03
marker bar-04
marker bar-05
marker bar-06
marker bar-07
marker bar-08
marker bar-09
marker bar-10


marker building-01
marker building-02
marker building-03
marker building-04
marker building-05
marker building-06
marker building-07
marker building-08
marker building-09
marker building-10


marker event-01
marker event-02
marker event-03
marker event-04
marker event-05
marker event-06
marker event-07
marker event-08
marker event-09
marker event-10


marker house-01
marker house-02
marker house-03
marker house-04
marker house-05
marker house-06
marker house-07
marker house-08
marker house-09
marker house-10


marker restaurant-01
marker restaurant-02
marker restaurant-03
marker restaurant-04
marker restaurant-05
marker restaurant-06
marker restaurant-07
marker restaurant-08
marker restaurant-09
marker restaurant-10


marker taxi-01
marker taxi-02
marker taxi-03
marker taxi-04
marker taxi-05
marker taxi-06
marker taxi-07
marker taxi-08
marker taxi-09
marker taxi-10


marker user-01
marker user-02
marker user-03
marker user-04
marker user-05
marker user-06
marker user-07
marker user-08
marker user-09
marker user-10


marker gas-01
marker gas-02
marker gas-03
marker gas-04
marker gas-05
marker gas-06
marker gas-07
marker gas-08
marker gas-09
marker gas-10